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Surviving Cold & Flu Season Naturally - With Jane Frederick of Baylight Center for Homeopathy

  • The Studio at One Earth 191 Emery Mills Road Shapleigh, ME, 04076 United States (map)

While many people are familiar with homeopathy as a useful, inexpensive too for treating injuries and acute ailments at home, many are not aware of the breadth of its use in treating other conditions.  Join Jane Frederick of Baylight Center for Homeopathy to find out how to incorporate homeopathic remedies into your family's cold and flu-fighting toolkit! 

In this workshop you'll learn: 

  • How to restore and maintain high vitality and immunity
  • How to decrease susceptibility with non-suppressive remedies for viruses and bugs
  • What 10 remedies you need in your "fend-it-off" kit when sickness is going around
  • How to increase resilience and adaptability in the body and in the mind

Join us as we welcome Baylight Center for Homeopathy to understand health and disease from the holistic perspective. Learn time-tested remedies and find inspiration and meaning in age-old holistic philosophy to take a more active role in your own healthcare!




About Baylight Center for Homeopathy: 

Founded in 2005 as a resource for a growing number of people seeking to learn this complex, individualized healing art and science for personal and professional practice, Baylight Center for Homeopathy is located in Portland, Maine. It is the mission of Baylight Center for Homeopathy and Maine Homeopathic Initiatives to promote and provide homeopathic education in Maine and beyond, and to provide homeopathic treatment to anyone looking for gentle, natural relief from acute and chronic conditions.