Established in 2013, The Studio at One Earth is a unique community space encouraging strong minds, healthy bodies, and happy souls. We currently offer on-going mindful movement classes and natural living workshops in our airy, barn-loft space above the store. Check out our schedule, class descriptions, instructor bios, and special events - we'll see you at The Studio!

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Greetings! We have all of your favorite classes on the weekly schedule! Be sure to follow us on facebook for daily updates, class cancellations, and more! 

We welcome walk-ins at all of our weekly classes, $12 cash or check. Discounted class passes are also available, $50/5 classes. Class descriptions are in each instructor’s bio section below. For updates and cancellations, please visit our facebook page,

Studio parking is located near the free-standing road sign and in front of the stores after business hours. Our studio has a flight of stairs, therefore is not wheelchair accessible. We sincerely apologize if this causes any inconvenience. 

Tasha Brodeur, RYT

Tasha Brodeur, RYT

All Levels Flow Yoga with Tasha

Our first teacher at the studio, Tasha is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and organic farmer. Her approach to yoga focuses on self-discovery through concentration, focus and mindfulness. She believes the teacher is simply guiding the student in the discovery of their own yoga.

ALL LEVELS FLOW YOGA, THURSDAYS @ 6PM: As students are led through a series of poses, they are asked to meet themselves at their own challenge level. Modifications & advancements to each pose are offered to encourage exploration into one’s own practice. Strenuous activity & controlled breathing are utilized to quiet the mind, allowing inner focus & concentration to deepen. There is a focus on deep alignment & stillness, as well as a sense of humor & fun!

Susan Chadbourne, RYT

Susan Chadbourne, RYT

Fired-up Flow Yoga & Gentle Morning Flow Yoga with Susan

Susan teaches a vinyasa flow style that is accessible to students at all levels. She also hosts our gentle flow on weekdays. When she's not at The Studio, she teaches chair yoga and Stand-Up Paddleboard yoga in the summer, bringing mindful movement to all!

GENTLE MORNING FLOW YOGA, TUESDAYS @ 8:30AM: Ease into your day with mind calming breath work, stretching and other warm ups. Find strength, balance and flexibility as you flow through various poses. Every class is different but promises to enliven and awaken as you discover new ways to find that happy place between ease and effort.  

FIRED-UP FLOW YOGA, SATURDAYS @ 8AM: An energetic vinyasa flow class that will wake you up and fire you up for the weekend. All levels are welcome as everyone works to their own edge. Challenging poses are always part of the flow and include various standing balances, arm balances, strength builders and flexibility-enhancing binds. No one leaves sorry that they made the effort to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning. Give it a try!

Cheryl Hoffman, RYT

Cheryl Hoffman, RYT

Yoga Basics & Slow Flow Yoga Basics with Cheryl

A desire to move breath by breath with joy, flexibility, and strength motivates Cheryl's flow yoga practice. These qualities motivate her teaching as well. She teaches yoga flow classes focusing on what each student can do, so every person can find satisfaction in movement. Join her on the mat to practice mind-body awareness that can blossom into a sense of well being. Since 2000 she has taught centered riding. In 2016 she became a certified Yoga Alliance teacher, based on the Ashtanga tradition. When Cheryl’s not teaching yoga, she’s outside with the horses at nearby stables, bringing mindful movement to equestrians and anyone else who wishes to come!

SLOW FLOW YOGA BASICS, WEDNESDAYS @ 4:30PM: The class is perfect for beginners or those who find refreshment from a focus on the fundamentals. It’s the slowed down version of Yoga Basics.

YOGA BASICS, WEDNESDAYS @ 6PM: The class is perfect for beginners or those who find refreshment from a focus on the fundamentals. We link breath to movement, providing modifications as needed so that every student feels progress in each pose. Body alignment and mind- body awareness within each pose helps students develop balance, strength, and flexibility without strain or stress. Joining us here in a yoga practice can help you blossom into a sense of well being.

Sandy Perkins, RYT

Sandy Perkins, RYT

Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sandy has spent the past five years loving yoga. Her practice is just as much about the mind and spirit as it is the physical body. She finds yoga helps build confidence, strength and flexibility, both on and off the mat. It has provided a balance in life and a more mindful approach to living. In addition to her daily yoga practice, Sandy is also Reiki I and II certified. Through her teaching, she hopes to inspire and encourage gratitude. As a legal assistant by day, mother, and grandmother, she understands how life can be busy. Join her to find quiet and calm during her gentle vinyasa classes suitable for all levels. Be ready to combine movement with breath, meditation, expression, and a touch of humor.

GENTLE VINYASA FLOW, SATURDAYS @ 10AM: Sandy starts each class by moving and warming up the body. With a gentle approach, students have the opportunity to work on standing and balancing poses. Each class ends with a relaxing savasana, after a reading to close out the class. Sandy welcomes all levels of experience and offer lots of modifications with the use props to help relax into poses more fully.

Kathie White, RYT

Kathie White, RYT

Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Morning Flow / Yoga Nidra with Kathie

Kathie has been passionate about physical fitness all her life.  She began with teaching aerobics in 1987 and became certified through AFAA.  In 1994 she became a certified personal trainer.  While raising three children, she ultimately stopped teaching and focused on her own physical fitness when she had time.  After closing her quilt shop in 2016, Kathie had been searching for a holistic approach to healing stress and physical discomfort.  When she found yoga, she knew it was what she was looking for.  She has completed her 200 hour training with the Give Back Yoga Foundation's teacher training program, The Hard & The Soft Institute, with Beryl Bender Birch.  Kathie's mission is to offer a safe, supported yoga experience infused with compassion, humor and gratefulness to students of every fitness level.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA, TUESDAYS @ 6PM & FRIDAYS @ 8:30AM: This ashtanga style flow will heat you up by connecting movement with breath in a dynamic series of postures. This class will flow with calm focused attention for strength, flexibility and a quiet mind.

MORNING FLOW / YOGA NIDRA, SUNDAYS @ 9AM:  We will begin with 45 minutes of an ashtanga style flow that will heat you up by connecting movement with breath in a calm focused dynamic series of postures for strength, flexibility and a quiet mind.  We will then move into a 20 minute Yoga Nidra practice that will give you the chance to experience a powerful yoga technique for deep rest.  As you rest in supported "shavasana" through guided visualization, Kathie will systematically lead you to a "place" that is rich with awareness, a space of inspiration, intuition, and compassionate loving kindness.  Yoga Nidra systematically induces complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation.  In each session, you will dedicate a short period of time to "Sankalpa" which is "intention".  This intention will sow the seeds of change, and create a deeply relaxing state, in which those seeds may grow to create great change in our lives!

Studio Events 

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